My name is Kaley Ramage and I reside in Calgary, AB. I am currently in the journalism program at SAIT, majoring in writing and print. I am originally from Lethbridge, and moved here in 2018 to start school. Calgary is the place I’ve decided to call home for a while.

Growing up in Lethbridge had its downsides, especially being poor, but taught me a lot and made me who I am. I hope to use those experiences in my writing. I’ve always loved writing ever since I was little, and developed it into a passion of mine. Photography was something I only got into when I started the program, and I was able to have a photo published on a news site in my second semester. Now in my second year, I’m starting to fall in love with video as well.

Before I started this program I went to the U of L and took open studies. I took classes such as political science, logic, econ and philosophy. Political science and logic really helped within my writing. When I was at the U of L, my original goal was to become a professor of political science, but it wasn’t the right fit for me, and while I still love politics, going with my natural talent of writing is the way I plan to incorporate that love for other topics.

Another passion of mine is music. Being an old child, musicians were like my best friends and I felt “close” to them like they were my friends. In 2018, I started going to every concert and show I could and since I’ve seen over 100 artists in the genre. Rap and hip-hop is something that has always spoken to me, and I connect with it very deeply.

Being a competitive cheerleader for seven years of my life taught me to always be dedicated, work hard and be driven. While I can’t predict where my career will take me, as I am open to a lot, I know I can set up myself for great success.

A video of me shot by Yamzavisuals