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Decade of Talent

Another decade over means more content has been produced in the hip-hop scene, and the influence and accomplishments by certain artists have broken records never seen before. Two artists from the rap world have done things most thought was unimaginable.  

The 2010s was certainly a stand-out year for the genre, and two artists in particular certainly emulate that.

Drake Graham and Kendrick Lamar were able to do things in hip-hop the world has never seen before.

Drake is one of hip-hops biggest artists, with a total of seven albums from this past decade (five studio and three compilation). Drakes latest album however, Scorpion, broke Billboard records by being listened to at a whopping 1 billion streams in its first week around the world.

Not only did this album pull in insane numbers, across all platforms, Drake has accumulated around 50 billion streams in total.

To top it all off, Drake has been on the Billboard Hot 100s for 431 consecutive weeks, which equals to about eight years and three months. Some of his most recognizable hits are “God’s Plan” and “Sicko Mode”.

Not only has he broken countless records with many hits, but his music is favorable enough to gain a cult like following giving him almost 63 million followers on Instagram.

Numbers isn’t all what rap is about, nonetheless, Drake’s albums such as the Take Care album is one many can find themselves listening to when they get in that emotional state and need music to soothe the soul. It’s one that shows raw feeling and is a compilation of work that many can relate to.

Drake is an artist who not only raps, but sings in many of his songs, giving him an extra edge of versatility that many artists don’t display. He has had an incredibly successful decade, and the rap world is hungry for more.

Kendrick Lamar is also one for the books. Starting off his mainstream career with his album Section.80, he is an artist with hard hitting lyrics.

Most would say he is a lyrical genius, to that he is, but his lyrics are mostly based on the life he lives as an African American male trying to maneuver a life in the United States. This undoubtedly though, is a close to home topic for most, one that needs to be spoken about.

One of Kendrick’s most popular albums is good kid, m.A.A.d city. As of October 2019, this album has sat on the Billboard 200 for an outstanding seven years, which equals to about 364 weeks.

This album is a flowing work of art. It paints a perfectly described picture of a life most live through in Compton, California.

As of this year, “Backseat Freestyle and “Money Trees” featuring Jay Rock are the two most popular songs on the album. Most rap fans however, can also relay the words to “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Swimming Pools (Drank)”, two classics for lovers of the genre.

In 2013, at the young age of 25, Kendrick won two awards for the album at the BET awards show. One under the Soul Train category, and another under Best album of the year, two awards that were rightly deserved. In the same year, he also won for Best New Artist and Best Male Artist. His work was definitely recognized and that luck carried into future years.

His latest album was released in 2017, entitled DAMN. For this album, Kendrick won an award no other hip-hop artist has before, matter of fact, it was the first album from this genre to do it.

In 2018, Kendrick won the Pulitzer Prize for Music for this album because of his amazing story-telling capabilities. This is his biggest, and maybe even hip-hop’s biggest, accomplishment to date and fans are certainly getting hungry for another story from Kendrick.

These two artists from the past decade have been some of the most successful throughout the 2010s, and their devoted supporters are ready for another decade of achievement.

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