Kaley Ramage Portfolio Blog Dismantling the system: it’s your responsibility.

Dismantling the system: it’s your responsibility.

Racism is one of the world’s greatest failures, it is a part of society that has been woven so deeply, its affected people for hundreds of years.

People of color systematically have been oppressed for hundreds of years by colonization forcing a title wave of stereotypes, discrimination, self-hate and of course, racism. The ten richest people in the world are white men, and while some may say,

“You should just work hard like them to get to their position,”

A claim like this is ignorant and assembles a path that dismisses the entire history that people of color have with systematic racism. Systematic racism was built and established by white governments so that people of color would remain in lower classes, without any questions asked. Trying to work within a system that was not built for you is like trying to scuba dive without a snorkel, it’s very seldom it works.

The narrative around people of color needs to change, medium to darker skin tones need to be represented more in everyday life, and white people who benefit from this system MUST use their privilege to help people of color have the same opportunities as them because they hold all the power within these systems.

White people nowadays aren’t responsible for things that happened long ago, BUT they are now responsible for dismantling a system that keeps a huge majority of the population oppressed.

The “race war” is here for good reason, to bring the same quality of life to all people.

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