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Experience of a Lifetime

On May 11th to 13th, Miami Florida was host to the biggest rap festival the world has ever seen. The festival showcased over 120 artists from all over the United States, and a few representing from Canada. Equip with three full theater size stages, a house sized merchandize tent and even a Ferris wheel, the event managed to keep 60,000 fans entertained for the weekend. All in all, Rolling Loud had a crowd for anyone.

Miami Florida is the birthplace of Rolling Loud, so it was the perfect spot for this event. The location of this festival took place at the Hard Rock Stadium. The parking lot was just big enough to comfortably accommodate the large number of people, stages and any other amenity’s. One downside to Miami is the rapidly changing weather. A huge storm hit Miami the third night, causing large amounts of rainfall. The artists remained on stage and the crowds still lingered in tremendous size.

The Hard Rock Stadium was home to three full days of performances. From mid-day to midnight, guests were able to enjoy all types of music. Each performer no matter how popular, managed to pull in a crowd of over 1,000 for each set time. Aside from the listed line up, multiple surprise guests appeared. Rolling Loud managed to host Meek Mill’s first performance since being incarcerated, Nicki Minaj’s first festival and XXXTentacion’s final stage appearance before his untimely passing.

DJ Khalid, Chris Brown and Asap Rocky were also among those who made guest appearances. The entertainers were absolutely the ones who created such a favourable ambiance. One artist’s performance that stood out from the rest came from Lil Uzi Vert. This rapper ended up jumping off the roof of a near by tent and throwing his mic into the crowd. One annoyance listeners had was the few moments performance times were backed up, causing audiences to miss certain acts. Cardi B, Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne were all also among those scheduled to perform but ended up cancelling.

For a ticket price of $530 CAD, Rolling Loud is worth the price. With the number of rappers that were featured, a person(s) is only paying approximately $4.50 per act. A typical concert ticket for one artist can go from $20 to $100 plus. As a consumer, the ticket price is incredibly low for what and who patrons got to see. Ticket prices also cover other various things. Such as pay for workers, water and electrical, merchandise and anything else that was put in to make this a reality. For the venue, the magnitude of the lineup and the experience of being in Miami for something so exciting, buyers really do get that bang for their buck.

As a result, Rolling Loud 2018 is absolutely one for the hip hop books. This event showcased all different types of rap, artists and culture. From the vibrant city it was in, to the show the artists put on, Rolling Loud is definitely worth the experience.

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