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COVID-19 and … toilet paper?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new pneumonia like sickness quickly spreading throughout the world. Originating in an exotic meat market in Wuhan China, the sickness has quickly been spreading worldwide from December of last year to the present day. Almost every country in the world has confirmed cases of the sickness, excluding Antarctica.

(Taken from the CDC website, cases as of 12:00 p.m. ET March 14, 2020.)


Though the number of deaths only totals 6,515 as of March 16, 2020, the virus is bringing a lot more disruption to the world than just sickness.

The virus is a huge contributor to the crash of the stock market, falling gas prices, and stores selling out of things like nonperishable food items and what seems to be a holy grail, toilet paper.

Many people are voicing their concerns over the shortage of toilet paper on social media like Twitter. One user wrote:

Many people seemed to agree in the comments below the tweet, bringing up points such as this one, talking about those who don’t always have money available to them.

On the other side of Canada in Ontario, where the number of cases is the highest with a staggering 142, the shortages on things are affecting people to the point where the police are needing to be called.

Some people in the province are making light of the situation though, joking about how sales for the Toronto Star have gone up due to the toilet paper shortage.

QuickTake by Bloomberg on Twitter posted a video about the reasons why the toilet paper madness is running rampant throughout the world.

Some people across the world seem to be trying to cash in on the situation, stocking up on crazy amounts of supplies in hopes of reselling them to make a profit. However, in the wake of this, sites like E Bay and Kijiji have banned the resale of these products.

People on Facebook seem to be in favor of the move, disagreeing that people should be capitalizing off the pandemic.

Great news!!!

Posted by AMP Radio on Saturday, March 14, 2020

Not all sites have followed suit however, distribution giant Amazon has been caught selling toilet paper at nearly a hundred dollars and people are not impressed. One user shared her thoughts on Facebook.

Amazon is letting people resale the toilet paper, really? This is like $11.00 dollars regular price. RIDICULOUS 👎😡🤬 I am reporting this…

Posted by Lizbeth M. Ficarra on Saturday, March 14, 2020

The toilet paper shortage isn’t the only thing that’s plaguing the grocery stores. Long lines and food stock delays are also sweeping the nation. The Calgary Herald posted a video of the lines at a Superstore in Signal Hill:

Many stores have started posting signs around products urging customers to limit the amount of a product they take in hopes of there being enough for everyone.

I’m at the grocery store and it’s extremely crowded! I feel so bad for the cashiers. Anyone else go to the store today? How was it?

Posted by Michelle Wright WTAE on Thursday, March 12, 2020

The concern for cashiers and long hours is also a factor, with shelves being emptied daily.

Cashiers are on the front lines of the most vulnerable, coming into contact with hundreds of people daily as the pandemic sweeps the world, and people took to Twitter to address this.

With many sending out reminders to be sympathetic during this time of hardship. One Twitter user wrote:

In terms of Canada, Canadians are criticizing how things are being handled in the airports and around travel in general. Lots of Canadians are urging for the Prime Minister to close the boarders, but that has yet to happen. The city of Calgary declared a state of local emergency over the situation:

The government announced a plan for a fiscal budget to take stress off Canadians, but critics are still unsure of all the actions taken by the government and if they are going to be enough. One Twitter user posted a video in response to the governments actions:

Currently there are 304 cases in Canada nationwide.

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